Privacy Policy

Term and Conditions

1.We have no refund policy.
While we are 100% confident you get the original product as the vendor offers,
since we are offering non-tangible irrevocable goods,
we do not offer/issue refunds once the order has been placed.
As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item from our site.
We make no warranty of:
2.Repaint/or not
3.Simple/Complicated method
4.Bug Free (because all items from our store are 100% original without modification)

All statements regarding the products are vendor promises, not ours...
We shall not be held responsible for results caused by any item from our shop.

If you manage to ask for a refund/credit or even complain because the item you bought doesn't meet your expectation.
We will banned and you no longer can access this store and will list your name in
Effective: Immediately (No Excuse)

2. NO share/reselling.
if we found out, we will close your account and your IP without notice.
You will not get any updates of any item you buy.

3.No support -your on your own and we never give a free updates.
If you need support and fast updates, please buy from Official..

4.sometimes we offer a discount to some customers.
Please be notice, that this offer does not include all Full course.
it's just the basic package and few updates, so the customer can try first before purchasing the full package.