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Nu-Num System - Manual Trading System

Nu-Num System is a forex trading system. It is an extremely advanced trading system. Advanced in a sense that advanced programming was done to create this forex trading system. Fortunately it’s so easy to use and any trader with no past experience can follow this system if guided properly. Regarding the guidance you don’t need to worry because I will show you how to use this forex trading system and make money consistently in the forex market. The Nu-Num System is a trend following forex trading system. It can use for swing trading purpose but not for scalping. Timeframe higher than 15 minute is recommended to trade. You can use any currency pairs.

When you install Nu-Num System in to your metatrader platform, your chart should look like this:

There are many technical indicators used in this trading system but it is not mandatory to use all of them. You can just use those which are comfortable to you. You just need to understand the concept that signals will be generated by the indicator in the main chart window and the signals will be confirmed by the indicators in the indicator window.

  • Golden bands

The two moving averages that you see in the main chart is the Golden bands.

  • Sun

You can see sun like figure in major reversals. You should be buying and selling when you see that kind of sun.

  • Trend signal

Trend signal consists of oscillator and histogram that move in positive and negative territory. You should be buying when the indicator is in positive territory and vice versa.

  • SFET

Red indicator indicates selling and green indicator indicates buying.

  • Profitable strategy

Green bars indicate buying nd red bars indicate selling.

Buying Conditions Using Nu-Num System

  • Market should be up trending.
  • A blue sun should appear below the market.
  • The Golden bands indicator should be blue.
  • The Trend signal indicator should be in positive territory.
  • The SFET indicator should be green.
  • The Profitable strategy indicator should be green.
  • Place your long position as soon as above conditions are met.
  • Place your stop loss just below the recent swing low.
  • Take your profit when red sun appears above the market.

Selling Conditions Using Nu-Num Trading System.

  • Market should be down trending.
  • A red sun should appear above the market.
  • The Golden bands indicator should be red and pink.
  • The Trend signal indicator should be in negative territory.
  • The SFET indicator should be red.
  • The Profitable strategy indicator should be red.
  • Place your short position as soon as above conditions are met.
  • Place your stop loss just above the recent swing high.
  • Take your profit when blue sun appears below the market.

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