Pips Scalper Pro

Pips Scalper Pro

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Pips Scalper PRO has already become a popular choice among a great number of novice traders and professionals. One of it’s main advantages is simplicity – everyone can understand how it works.

Accurate and easy buy/sell signals, no guesswork.

Why Pips Scalper PRO?

– Accurate Buy & Sell Signals (Green to buy and red to sell)

– Works on every currency pair & timeframe

– No Repaint Signals!!!

– Saves A Lot Of Time

– Takes all emotions out of trading

– Amazingly easy to use even for newbies

– Popup Alerts & Sound

How To Trade With Pips Analyzer PRO?

Step 1: Load The Indicator Onto Metatrader 4

Step 2: Load To your trading charts

Step 3: Wait for a signal (green for buy and red for sell)

Step 4 : Take profit at a reversal signal (sell signal for buy or buy signal for sell), or take profit at a fixed level (for example 25 pips on the M1 chart)

Optional: Move your stop-loss 1 pip below the green rising stop-loss line (for buys) or 1 pip above the red falling stop-loss line (for sells)

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