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  • Star Scalper (ex4 file)
  • Newest set file from the author
  • Manual (Russian – please use Google translate!)

The Star Scalper EA, does not use martingale, stop-loss is always used. Trade is conducted by four orders, each of which has its take-profit and stop-loss. Sets and trading recommendations you can get in the discussion to the product. It is recommended to use ECN accounts.

Input parameters

The adviser works both on four- and five-digit quotes. In the input parameters we indicate the values ​​in points, as for 5 characters, it automatically calculates everything by 4 characters.

  • Lot – lot;
  • Autolot – enable / disable automatic lot calculation;
  • Autolot size – the amount of deposit for which the advisor will use Lot when Auto lot is on ;
  • Max Spread – the maximum spread at which the EA is allowed to start trading;
  • Distance 1 – the distance between the first and second order in points;
  • Distance 2 – the distance between the second and third order in points;
  • Distance 3 – the distance between the third and fourth order in points;
  • Take Profit  Take -profit in points;
  • Stop Loss – stop loss in points;
  • Trail Start, points – profit in points at which the trailing stop is activated;
  • Trail Distance, points – at what distance from the price there will be a trailing stop;
  • Open Hour – the time when the Expert Advisor starts;
  • Close Hour – the end time of the Expert Advisor;
  • Trade on Friday – on / off adviser’s work on Friday;
  • Second open trade – permission to open additional orders;
  • Use CCI – use the CCI indicator to enter and exit the position;
  • CCI period – the period of the CCI indicator;
  • CCI entry – CCI indicator values ​​for opening an order;
  • CCI exit – CCI indicator values ​​to close the order;
  • USE WPR – use of the WPR indicator to enter and exit the position;
  • WPR period – the period of the WPR indicator;
  • WPR entry – the period of the WPR indicator for opening the order;
  • WPR exit – the period of the WPR indicator to close the order;
  • Use fractals – on / off using fractals to open an order;
  • Mid fractals distance is the distance from the average value of the last upper and lower fractals in points below which there will be a buy signal and above which is for sale;
  • Opposit fractal distance is the distance from the upper fractal in the points below which there will be a buy signal and from the bottom for sale.

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