Wyckoff Plus! Using Technical Analysis and Wyckoff Tools Together

Wyckoff Plus! Using Technical Analysis and Wyckoff Tools Together

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Renowned technical analyst and educator Corey Rosenbloom and Wyckoff expert Roman Bogomazov teamed up in October 2016 to present an exciting three-part webinar series called Wyckoff Plus! During these sessions (totaling 5+ hours), they present two highly complementary perspectives: Wyckoff analysis (Roman) and confirmation by key technical indicators (Corey). You’ll see how combining Wyckoff chart analysis with one or more “Corey-curated” indicators can boost your confidence to take advantage of high-probability trade opportunities in both trending and non-trending environments!
Wyckoff Tools and Technical Analysis Tools Together!
Wyckoff Tools and Technical Analysis Tools Together!

Specifically, Roman and Corey cover:

Consolidations: Wyckoff traders often focus on entering trades only when the price is poised to leave a trading range. However, many excellent opportunities for shorter-term trades occur repeatedly within consolidations!

To demonstrate this, Roman describes the unfolding of Wyckoff Phases in trading ranges (both accumulation and distribution), including Wyckoff events and their characteristic price and volume signatures, as well as trading tactics geared to these predictable events. Then Corey demonstrates WHICH indicators are most appropriate for each Wyckoff Phase, and how best to use these indicators, both to confirm (or not!) our structural analysis and even to alert us to additional opportunities or possible dangers!

Trends: Once a trend is underway, we need to know what scenarios to expect in order to manage our trades or to initiate new positions within the trend. In this series, Roman and Corey examine trending price and volume behaviors from a Wyckoff perspective (Roman), and then highlight which indicators are the most reliable to use in trending environments and how to extract high-probability trading signals from them (Corey).

Indicators in Context: Corey has been rigorously studying and screening numerous indicators in relation to Wyckoff market structure; here he presents only those very few that have made the cut, including trending, momentum and oscillating indicators. Throughout these sessions we use a Wyckoff framework to provide meaningful contextual interpretations of indicator signals, discussing not only when to use which indicators, but also when to pay attention to and when to disregard the signals.

Case studies: Roman and Corey present a variety of case studies illustrating the effectiveness of the Wyckoff Plus approach in multiple time frames, from intra-day to weekly.

These webinars are intended for intermediate and advanced traders. Hone your edge and increase your trading confidence with our Wyckoff Plus approach!

Each video has an accompanying handout of the slides used in the presentation. These can be printed out to take notes on as you watch the videos. You will have one full year from the date of purchase to view and review these videos!

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